Persephone again?

Persephone is one of my favorite myths. Like Persephone, I am attracted to any version of Beauty and the Beast storyline and I find myself revisiting this concept. For this version of Persephone, I am challenging myself to use polymer clay canes and to work small. When I first started sculpting, my work was small and I need to go back there from time to time. Especially now, when I feel a on the cusp of artistic change. I am not exactly sure where I am going, but plan to work on a bunch of small work for now, along with making a few dryads along the way.

Thoughtfully Awake








Blue Blood, Shared Destiny and Messenger will be at The Suffolk Art Gallery for

May 3 – June 7, 2019

The Suffolk Art League and Suffolk Art Gallery invite you to attend the juried exhibition
Thoughtfully Awake, artwork that examines social issues and awareness and The Effects of Jim Crow on Advertising, artifacts from the collection of Therbia U. Parker, Sr.
at the Suffolk Art Gallery, 118 Bosley Ave., Suffolk.
The media, in all forms, traditional, social, and electronic, is filled with stories of disparity. #MeToo, race relations, immigration, Equal Rights Amendment, the environment, and many more. Artists have always had unique ways to convey messages of injustice and consolation through their creative process. Artists were invited to submit artworks that examine social issues in ways that may help the viewer be more aware of the disparities in society – local, national or international.

That’s Funny: Art with a Sense of Humor

Abduction of Persephone, 15"x10"x4"
Abduction of Persephone, 15″x10″x4″

Abduction of Persephone will be at The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center May 4 – June 15, 2019

“Art doesn’t always have to be serious. It can also be funny, droll, comical, playful, silly, whimsical, farcical, witty, satirical or humorous. This group exhibition will present about 120 artworks in all media by the Gallery Manager’s invited artists whose works display a sense of humor. The Curator may also consider artworks from other interested artists. Works will include a wide range of media in both two, three or four dimensions including traditional art forms as well as cartoons, comic strips or books and videos.”

Its a new year, there is so much to do!

At the beginning of each year, like most people, I think about all the things I need to improve. This year, I would like one thing I would like to do is blog more consistently. Most of the time, I am a very quiet person that stays focused on the visual world. So blogging is a place where I am out of my comfort zone, but no one grows that way and I intend to change it.

I also want to work on refining my skills with polymer clay and sculpting. Towards the end of 2018, I decided to rely less on paint and more on utilizing the colors of polymer clay and want to push that further. I made some flowers from a simple lace cane and have had a few sloppy attempts at using skinner blends. Refining my faces and hands will be something I will also work on.

So here I go…



I want to refine my work to the point that every little detail is considered. Towards the end of last year, I noticed a trend in my working style where I was starting to take little shortcuts, and repeating myself artistically. I wondered how much I had truly grown artistically over the past two years, and admitted to myself that it had not been as much as previous years. Disappointed in myself, seeing too much sloppiness in the work I was doing, I stopped everything I was working on and put it away. That night I had a dream about this one, and woke up excited. I started this in the morning.

After creating a wire armature, I started sculpting in Super Sculpey, going back my roots. Super Sculpey gives me time to consider every little detail and wanted to have that time to not rush over drying times. With Apoxie Sculpt, I noticed a trend to rush because I knew I had only about a hour working time. I am looking forward to seeing where she goes.