Final Migration

There is so much back story to Final Migration. It started off with a dream, as usual, where I saw a dragonfly. The dragonfly usually symbolizes a change in perspective or self realization. Over the past several weeks I have been wondering where my interest in the paranormal came from because I cannot remember a time when it wasn’t there. In the dream the dragonfly was drifting away into the cosmos, dying physically but going on spiritually to explore the galaxy. I think this relates to my strong religious up bringing, but a trigger that is more recent.

My biological father abandoned my mom, brother and me when I was three years old. It was always a mystery as to why he left. He just went to work and never came back. It seemed like it opened a hole in our universe. I think not knowing why led me question everything, leaving lots unanswered, so I became interested in all things paranormal and mysterious. Although there are no real answers there either, there are lots of interesting theories and ideas.

The recent trigger came not long ago when my biological father reconnected via FaceBook. All the original feelings came up, but to my surprise, I was not angry. Very curious about what had happened and why, he could really not give me any answers. He snapped, he left and now has a life threatening illness so he contacted me. Again, no real answers.

Hell Flowers

I have been making Hell Flowers off and on for about a year now. The idea, like most of my ideas, came from a dream about Persephone. I was excited about the image, I made Hell Flowers for 2 weeks straight. For me, Hell Flowers illustrated the life death cycle, and showed how life grew from death. The Persephone piece didn’t work out, but I found I love making Hell Flowers and I have probably made thousands by now. Early this year, I found a way to incorporate them into “We All Have Wings”.

Owl Dreams

Meet Me in The Woods

I have recurring dreams about owls. Usually they are Barn Owls but occasionally the Great Horned Owl. Vivid and real feeling, I go on a journey with the owl. Mostly, I am terrified of falling, but sometimes I enjoy flying with the owl. The times when I am not terrified, I can be connected with what the owl is thinking or seeing. At these times, the owl and I feel like we are one. This feeling of oneness is amazing because I am in the moment seeing the world as it is, not worrying about the future or past, or how I measure up. 

Persephone again?

Persephone is one of my favorite myths. Like Persephone, I am attracted to any version of Beauty and the Beast storyline and I find myself revisiting this concept. For this version of Persephone, I am challenging myself to use polymer clay canes and to work small. When I first started sculpting, my work was small and I need to go back there from time to time. Especially now, when I feel a on the cusp of artistic change. I am not exactly sure where I am going, but plan to work on a bunch of small work for now, along with making a few dryads along the way.

Thoughtfully Awake








Blue Blood, Shared Destiny and Messenger will be at The Suffolk Art Gallery for

May 3 – June 7, 2019

The Suffolk Art League and Suffolk Art Gallery invite you to attend the juried exhibition
Thoughtfully Awake, artwork that examines social issues and awareness and The Effects of Jim Crow on Advertising, artifacts from the collection of Therbia U. Parker, Sr.
at the Suffolk Art Gallery, 118 Bosley Ave., Suffolk.
The media, in all forms, traditional, social, and electronic, is filled with stories of disparity. #MeToo, race relations, immigration, Equal Rights Amendment, the environment, and many more. Artists have always had unique ways to convey messages of injustice and consolation through their creative process. Artists were invited to submit artworks that examine social issues in ways that may help the viewer be more aware of the disparities in society – local, national or international.

That’s Funny: Art with a Sense of Humor

Abduction of Persephone, 15"x10"x4"
Abduction of Persephone, 15″x10″x4″

Abduction of Persephone will be at The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center May 4 – June 15, 2019

“Art doesn’t always have to be serious. It can also be funny, droll, comical, playful, silly, whimsical, farcical, witty, satirical or humorous. This group exhibition will present about 120 artworks in all media by the Gallery Manager’s invited artists whose works display a sense of humor. The Curator may also consider artworks from other interested artists. Works will include a wide range of media in both two, three or four dimensions including traditional art forms as well as cartoons, comic strips or books and videos.”

Its a new year, there is so much to do!

At the beginning of each year, like most people, I think about all the things I need to improve. This year, I would like one thing I would like to do is blog more consistently. Most of the time, I am a very quiet person that stays focused on the visual world. So blogging is a place where I am out of my comfort zone, but no one grows that way and I intend to change it.

I also want to work on refining my skills with polymer clay and sculpting. Towards the end of 2018, I decided to rely less on paint and more on utilizing the colors of polymer clay and want to push that further. I made some flowers from a simple lace cane and have had a few sloppy attempts at using skinner blends. Refining my faces and hands will be something I will also work on.

So here I go…