Animals, insect, plants and human combinations play a role in my sculptural stories. The human figures that I render over wire armatures often appropriate animal features both to cloak their imperfections and to express a connection with the essence of the animal. Their attempts to hide behind a familiar and comforting form never quite leave them satisfied. The bird imagery in my work also expresses an unfulfilled longing. We know that birds have the capacity for marvelous freedom, but before they find their wings they are helpless and fragile, and in constant need. In my work they are often caged and struggling for nurturance. Sometimes they are held in a figure’s elongated fingers and we’re not sure if they’re being helped to freedom or restrained. Sometimes I’m not sure. As important as it is for me to use my art to make sense of the world, it is just as important that viewers take their own experience from my work and the juxtapositions in my artwork leave room for their personal interpretations.