Momentary BrillianceI have always enjoyed hearing the song of cicada in the late summer. This summer I was lucky enough to see a cicada that had just emerged from its shell. I was inspired by its brilliant greens and impressed by its beauty and frailty, knowing that once a cicada molts its shell, it has a only short time to live. Prior to emerging from its shell, a cicada spends most of its life underground digging and eating. After it sheds it shell cicadas have a short time left, but they can fly and spend the rest of their metamorphosis having trying to mate. It is almost as if all of the cicada’s life leads up to this short time of brilliance. Like all the time spent underground and asleep has lead up to this time of being fully awake and engaged. I thought about how much of my life I had spent wrapped in a cocoon of low self-esteem focused on all that I was not, then woke up to realize this is my life, and I need to live it. Living by developing my talents, investing in myself and loved ones, and trying to be a positive force in the world around me, as opposed to being a swirling mess of self-loathing. It took a long time being underground and asleep to come up for air, but I am glad that I am waking up. Hopefully I can spend the rest of my existence seeing, learning and doing instead of just digging in the dirt.

Momentary Brilliance

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