I am currently working on a Cicada woman human hybrid and wanted to share my inspiration. Dog Day Cicadas (Tibicen canicularis) are a familiar sight during the summer in Virginia, but this summer was the first time I saw one just emerged from its shell. Nestled on the tire of our old van, my husband first spotted this vivid green visitor. He called me to come see it, knowing I would be excited. He or she had traveled only a small distance from its shell and was very still, probably adjusting to its new form. The cicadas’ color was so rich and almost seemed unnatural or alien. I had seen photos online of emerged cicada, but was still taken with its beauty and frailty. It seemed vulnerable sitting on that tire and I hoped that it would be ok and live on to make baby cicadas. Within an hour, its color slowly changed to the forest greens and browns I was accustomed to seeing on local cicadas. He/ she was gone later that day.

Cicadahatchedcicada shellCicada hour later

Cicada Inspired
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