“Interconnected” and “Awake” show how bee and human life are interrelated. Tiny, beautiful and industrious, bees pollinate the plants that become the food we eat. In return, we disregard their importance by using pesticides that destroy their nervous systems. Over the past few years, Colony Collapse Disorder and the disappearance of the bees is finally being seen as a important issue, and many scientist predict that the end of bees we also lead to our demise.

 “Interconnected” shows a human face with eyes closed, ignoring what is happening not acknowledging her bee half or what is happening to her bee half’s home. One hand holds a hour glass showing that time has run out. Another hand holds a skull covered with a vine. And another hand holds a bottle of apple seeds, that will never become apples. Tiny pesticide effected bees to the surface not knowing what to do.

“Awake” shows the human face aware, but it is almost too late. The bee half in this piece has taken the role of Kali, goddess of destruction and rebirth, holding a skull, crowned with flowers. In her middle set of hands, she holds a bee, whose nervous system had been damaged by pesticides.  She meets your gaze to let you know that this is it. Her third eye is open and she sees our shared fate. Maybe the bees will survive, maybe we will survive, or maybe neither of will survive and something else will take our place.

Interconnected and Awake

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