DefensiveDefensive Hands

Defensive’s scales were inspired by a documentary about how snakes evolved to have venom. Although feared, snakes have bodies that are easily hurt by the claws and teeth of their prey so they evolved venom to quickly paralyze prey that could injure them. This made me think of how defensive people act out to protect their fragile emotional core. They may appear always ready to attack even though they are really just afraid, and are acting in a way that gives them the illusion that they are in full control over what happens to them.The usual result of their behavior is to push people away, being the exact opposite of what they really want. A defensive persons behavior acts like venom to their relationships and they end up alone and unhappy.

Along with the scales, Defensive has serious spikes for hair and long claws to protect her, but her defenses are not working for her. Her sharp claws have punctured her own skin and she is bleeding, illustrating her desire to feel something and how being defensive itself inevitably leads to its own hurt.



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