Sekhmet is an Egyptian goddess who was said to have glowing eyes, red hair with black skin. She could be nurturing, but she could also barbecue those who wronged her with her breath of fire. The name Sekhmet means “She Who Is Powerful” (her name literally translated means “Mighty One”, or “Powerful One”). My Sekhmet is a guardian to be reckoned with and has the power to protect me from my monsters.

My Sekhmet has hair made from magenta wire that I added one by one to form a mane. I know female lions don’t have manes, but Sekhmet is a bad ass, Egyptian, fire breathing lion headed goddess so she has a mane. Her glowing eyes are made from faux amber beads. Her skin on her face continues to be the color of the Super Sculpey. As I often do, I let Sekhmet’s head cook a little too long and burned her nose and the edge of her ears, but I like the effect left her face as unpainted Super Sculpey.

Sekhmet’s body is formed with Apoxie Sculpt layered over a $.75 plastic faux biggie Barbie that I got from the CHKD Thrift Store.I stuffed faux Barbie’s feet into a funnel for the base, duct taped her in place and then covered with the Apoxie Sculpt. The Apoxie Sculpt allowed me to give faux Barbie a hippier and more muscular form without having to take forever building an armature. It also gave me the added pleasure of plumping Barbie up a bit to look like a real woman.

My hubby, also an artist, had already appropriated faux Barbie’s arms, so I created Sekhmet’s arms and hands from armature wire covered with Super Sculpey and Apoxie Sculpt.

Apoxie Sculpt works great for me because it allows me to combine almost any material for my mixed media sculptures. If you’ve never heard of Apoxie Sculpt before, check out their manufacturers site at If you ever decide you want to try using it, send me an email and I will give you some pointers.

I included a photo of Sekhmet’s progress so far. The purple stuff is the apoxie sculpt while the face done with the Super Sculpey.

The Guardian — Sekhmet
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