There is so much back story to Final Migration. It started off with a dream, as usual, where I saw a dragonfly. The dragonfly usually symbolizes a change in perspective or self realization. Over the past several weeks I have been wondering where my interest in the paranormal came from because I cannot remember a time when it wasn’t there. In the dream the dragonfly was drifting away into the cosmos, dying physically but going on spiritually to explore the galaxy. I think this relates to my strong religious up bringing, but a trigger that is more recent.

My biological father abandoned my mom, brother and me when I was three years old. It was always a mystery as to why he left. He just went to work and never came back. It seemed like it opened a hole in our universe. I think not knowing why led me question everything, leaving lots unanswered, so I became interested in all things paranormal and mysterious. Although there are no real answers there either, there are lots of interesting theories and ideas.

The recent trigger came not long ago when my biological father reconnected via FaceBook. All the original feelings came up, but to my surprise, I was not angry. Very curious about what had happened and why, he could really not give me any answers. He snapped, he left and now has a life threatening illness so he contacted me. Again, no real answers.

Final Migration
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