Blue Blood, Shared Destiny and Messenger will be at The Suffolk Art Gallery for

May 3 – June 7, 2019

The Suffolk Art League and Suffolk Art Gallery invite you to attend the juried exhibition
Thoughtfully Awake, artwork that examines social issues and awareness and The Effects of Jim Crow on Advertising, artifacts from the collection of Therbia U. Parker, Sr.
at the Suffolk Art Gallery, 118 Bosley Ave., Suffolk.
The media, in all forms, traditional, social, and electronic, is filled with stories of disparity. #MeToo, race relations, immigration, Equal Rights Amendment, the environment, and many more. Artists have always had unique ways to convey messages of injustice and consolation through their creative process. Artists were invited to submit artworks that examine social issues in ways that may help the viewer be more aware of the disparities in society – local, national or international.

Thoughtfully Awake

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