I want to refine my work to the point that every little detail is considered. Towards the end of last year, I noticed a trend in my working style where I was starting to take little shortcuts, and repeating myself artistically. I wondered how much I had truly grown artistically over the past two years, and admitted to myself that it had not been as much as previous years. Disappointed in myself, seeing too much sloppiness in the work I was doing, I stopped everything I was working on and put it away. That night I had a dream about this one, and woke up excited. I started this in the morning.

After creating a wire armature, I started sculpting in Super Sculpey, going back my roots. Super Sculpey gives me time to consider every little detail and wanted to have that time to not rush over drying times. With Apoxie Sculpt, I noticed a trend to rush because I knew I had only about a hour working time. I am looking forward to seeing where she goes.


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