About to Break is moving along. Finished sculpting the shell and the upper body. While I am working on a sculpture, I do a lot of nerdy research on my subject. For this piece, I looked videos on youtube to see how hermit crabs move and googled tons of photos of hermit crabs in different positions. In reading about their behavior,I learned a lot of things about hermit crabs that I had wish I known when I had them as pets. Two points stuck out especially: that they are highly sensitive and social animals that need to live together to be happy. It seemed ironic that when you refer to someone as a hermit, it often means they are loners, and if someone tells me that they are a hermit crab woman, they mean they prefer being solitary at home.

I also read articles about their behavior, some pointing out the sad truth of the pet industry. PETA investigated the cruelty involved in how hermit crabs are treated http://investigations.peta.org/hermit-crabs-shells-crushed-hundreds-dead/.

PETA also has a article about why it not good to have a hermit crab as a pet. I really wish I had know this sooner. http://www.peta.org/living/companion-animals/7-reasons-never-buy-hermit-crab/IMG_0871

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