The state of in-between is what I am trying to capture in my current body of work. My creatures are caught in various states of transition, where you may see a little of where they came from but only guess at where they are going. They are frozen in a state of change in which they are a fusion of human, plant and animal. This fusion shows our interconnection with nature and the animal world. Nature is always changing, evolving, and ending and this cycle is universal. Our consciousness, unlike other creatures, makes us wonder what will happen when we are in a state of transition and instead of the appreciating the present moment like other animals, anxiety can overwhelm us. The worst part of change for us is the in-between, a sometimes confusing and distressing area where opportunities to both flail and grow exist. We are aware that change involves an ending, where something must be let go, and perhaps missed. We hope all this culminates to growth and a new beginning.