I have a relative that likes to acquire things for the sake of acquiring them. Obviously a hoarder, this person is constantly ordering things online that he cannot use, because he is physically unable due to multiple physical and medical conditions. He says he hopes to someday use these things, though I question if he could find them should the possible day of usage come. Despite the friction it causes with his wife, he spends at least $5,000 each month on stuff. This stuff either ends up in piles around the lazy boy chair he spends most of his time in, or packed into his otherwise stuffed garage. Somehow he believes that getting all this stuff will fill the hole inside him and a future awaits where he will be able to use the thousands of screws, pounds of wood, tons of bullets, or power tools. Or read that stack of 20 books beside him. Or watch the other 25 educational DVD on his other side. Or look through the stack of papers regarding last years taxes collaging his surroundings. The acquisition is a rush, and he claims the stuff makes him feel comfortable and safe.

Magpies also like to aquire shiny things to line their nests with, similar to the way my relative makes his own nest of things around his chair. Both nests give a sense of comfort and safety, though one is only a illusion. Unlike the relative’s  nest, the Magpies nest has a useful purpose and will be home for new life. My relative nest contributes to his falls, and seems more like a slow smothering until his eventual demise.

Here is the start to my Magpie. She is made from a wire armature, with branches, then covered with black Apoxie Sculpt.

Work in Progress- Magpie
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